Teaching Methodology


Speaking and Listening- Opportunities are created for children to express their views and opinions and engage in active interaction with other children. Every week, they do Show and Tell where the teacher encourages each child to use good vocabulary, usage of correct sentences with descriptive words. 

Reading and Writing- They are introduced to letter sounds through phonics and gradually to words and sentences. They are encouraged to read simple stories. By the end of the term, children start writing daily journals and read them out in the class. 

Math- teachers use math concepts from their everyday activities. Children look for patterns from their surroundings and mathematical shapes and models. They are given exposure to a variety of mathematical concepts along with numbers, number names, and by the end of the term, they do single-digit addition and subtraction 

Science- mostly the themes are selected in relation to science concepts. Teachers provide them materials and activities to make them curious, they plant seeds, observe, check why some materials are heavy while others are light, texture of different materials. They learn about different communities, interact with different people to know their culture.